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Career Services with Goodwill

By August 13, 2018No Comments1 min read

A major part of Goodwill’s mission is to contribute to Maryland’s economic development by providing a trained workforce to businesses, aiding in the growth and retention of public and private industries. Goodwill provides job opportunities at retail stores, maintains cleaning contracts at various federal and state buildings and currently works with over 400 employers in the Baltimore metropolitan region, providing a skilled, reliable workforce for permanent and temporary jobs.

Placement Assistance offers:

  • Resume refinement
  • Tailored job leads
  • Mock interviewing
  • Information and pre-screening for hiring events and job fairs

Retention Services include:

  • Immediate follow up for individuals obtaining employment
  • One-on-one job coaching assistance
  • Access to Employment Stability Services such as case management
  • On-site and off-site job coaching

Positions Available

Career Services staff builds and fosters relationships with local employers in various industries to link individuals with career opportunities matching their interest and skill set.

For more information call 410-837-1800 ext.213