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Goodwill Industries of the Chesapeake, Inc. is proud to be celebrating 100 years in Maryland. Founded in 1919, Goodwill is known for its retail stores and donation centers that fund job training programs for those with barriers to employment.

The Baltimore Goodwill Industries was started by Reverend John S. German and a group of prominent civic leaders. The first factory was in the Fellowship Hall of Broadway Methodist Episcopal Church. Two employees were hired to stencil and fold burlap bags for the collection of reclaimable household goods, which could then be sold. Proceeds from these collections would pay the workers, and thereby make the operation self-sustainable. The Baltimore Goodwill Industries was incorporated on February 27, 1919 and was the seventh Goodwill in the U.S. with a first year budget of $2,625.

Goodwill’s collection efforts grew dramatically over the course of thirty years. Household collection bags were supplemented by donation drives led by the Boy and Girl Scouts, and Goodwill boxes were placed throughout the metropolitan area to keep up with the growing demand for collection services. Later, Goodwill reached out to local communities with mobile donation centers staffed by Goodwill employees. These donation centers, and the retail stores they supplied, soon became synonymous with the name “Goodwill.”

In 1948, Goodwill’s commitment to helping others took a giant step forward with a vocational training program, established jointly by both state and federal agencies. By 1955, the program was certified as a nonpublic vocational training facility (among Maryland’s first), and nearly 200 disabled individuals had been prepared to join the ranks of independent citizens. Around the same time, Goodwill accepted the first of many contracts to provide industrial services to local businesses. Such contracts fulfilled dual needs, providing companies with top quality workers, and providing gainful employment to individuals with severe disabilities. With the establishment of a vocational training facility and the creation of formal business relationships with local companies, Goodwill’s commitment to the disadvantaged of Baltimore continued to move the company forward.


As the needs of the community changed, Goodwill services have changed as well. Today, Goodwill is committed to serving those with the least access to employment opportunities through a continuum of workforce development services which last year included providing job readiness classes, and case management to address housing, transportation, education, child care opportunities, and any other barrier they may encounter. Obviously none of this is possible without employer partners and many human services organizations throughout Baltimore. In 1999, Goodwill moved its headquarters to the current location at 222 East Redwood Street to be more accessible to public transportation and better serve participants.


Throughout 2019, Goodwill Industries of the Chesapeake will be celebrating its 100th anniversary with its many supporters across the state of Maryland. On October 19, 2019, Goodwill will host a gala celebration.  The evening event at Montgomery Park will offer guests an opportunity to experience the impact of our mission and celebrate the people and organizations that have been a part of this journey.


  • Sharon Faust says:

    I feel honored to be working for a company that has such a rich history in community service, and I’m blessed to have a job that I enjoy where I get the opportunity to play a part in providing valuable services to citizens throughout the Baltimore Metropolitan are. Happy 100th. Anniversary Goodwill Industries of the Chesapeake!

  • Cathy Weyant says:

    I shop goodwill and other thrift stores all the time… We are too quick to disguard useable items… waste not want not…

  • Wendy Shifflett says:

    Happy Anniversary Goodwill !!! I have been a Goodwill customer since i was a little girl and I’m 51 now.

  • Valerie Bruins says:


  • Schmeka Roane says:

    Thank you for the history of the foundation of Goodwill. Interesting facts on how the company helped the community 100 years ago up to today. Simply amazing!

  • Tabathia Reed says:

    I really love Goodwill their employees are respectable and professional and the quality of merchandise is worth spending your money. They really show they appreciate their customers.

  • Silka Downes says:

    I live in Goodwill all around Meryland, Pennsylvania and Delaware. I’m in love with Foodwill because the amazing program to give others. I found so much I can even right it all. Well I got my Eedding dress for $25 my husband suit for $10 . My sun sport coat for $7. My living room set for $125 my lamps in the living room, my end tables my dining room set, my kids dressers and I can continue my shoes , my work clothes you named. I was spending over $500 a month when you guys had the $10 back in coupon. My familia for Christmas got me Goodwill gift cards that is how much I love Goodwills.

  • I was homeless once and lost everything, thank God for Goodwill, slowly I was able to buy everything I needed to get back on my feet, from a nice suit, shirt and shoes for interviews to everyday clothes and house hold items.
    I love shopping at Goodwill and the employees are very friendly!
    I am there so often, the employees are like family to me!

  • JoiYvonne Veney says:

    I am very thankful for Goodwill and the service to the community it offers. I am a regular shopper and know a plethora of people that enjoy the many bargains and the quality of the items. Personally I enjoy the pleasant atmospher which I attribute to the helpful and pleasant staff at all the stores I visit. I say thank you for what you are doing in training ant product that you offer. Keep up the GOOD! WORK.
    JoiYvonne Vene????

  • Shon Gibson says:

    Happy 100th Anniversary Goodwill of the Chesapeake!
    May your legacy continue.

  • Linda Smith says:

    I am so happy that y’all open this great Wonderful goodwills story’s around the world. Y’all have so many great beautiful things that we can afford.

  • Shirley Washington says:

    I am proud to show off the “many” great items I purchase. I have enjoyed having models for fashion shows “strut” their “finds” at GW and watch audiences smile in surprise. That is for adding Senior days Happy 100th!

  • Krissy says:

    Unique is found at my GoodWill store. Congratulations ????

  • Amanda Minto says:

    Such a wonderful milestone for a great organization with a great mission. The millions you have helped is a true accomplishment. I will never forgot my time at Goodwill! Cheers to the next 100 years!

  • Diane says:

    HAPPY 100TH ANNIVERSARY “GOODWILL” ! It’s a relaxing experiencing and at the same time a way to help support others. To the next 100 years.

  • Heather Frate says:

    I’ve been shopping thrift stores since I started working at 16,im now 38 and still shop faithfully, Ive always loved saving money and finding good buys. Happy 100th anniversary good Will, and more to come.

  • Nancy Clayton says:

    As a loyal customer of GoodWill Auctions this site Chesapeake goes the distance….they are informed, only list interesting items to limit pages of same items or just average…not on this site… each item is carefully selected and then given very complete information…the jewelry is identified n tested and u can trust what u r bidding on 100 percent…its one of my favorite GW sites…n always honest very important to me as in the over 300 items club smile I say u can trust that their 14k is just that n viewing the entire site is well worth the time….other sites could learn a lot from the way this site is operated.