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Unless you’ve been under a rock for a year, you’ve probably noticed everything is getting expensive these days. We’re all paying more for food, gas, rent, utilities– inflation is rearing its ugly head again and hitting us where it hurts. The one good thing about these tight times is that it often makes us rethink our priorities.

Do we really need that certain brand of hummus that only the fancy organic grocery store carries? Maybe it’s time to try and make it ourselves.

Do we really need to fill the SUV with a full tank? Maybe it’s time to carpool with a neighbor or walk a bit more where you can.

The same rethinking goes for the items we need for everyday living– things like clothes, housewares, entertainment, and decor. And saving money on lightly used items to help the earth is where Goodwill has been excelling for years.

If you want to find some good summer reads, I guarantee it’ll be cheaper to find a paperback copy at Goodwill than ordering online, or downloading the audio version. That way you can get your beach day books without breaking the bank.


Jenna Pfueller